Services For Business

  • Small business accounting and bookkeeping
  • Income tax planning and preparation
  • Payroll services
  • Part-time/remote CFO services
  • Financial and strategic planning services

Running a business is a complex job. All of those numbers tell a story…if you know where to look and how to interpret them. Let us help you bring meaning to all of that data, allowing you to confidently make those key business decisions that drive the success of your small business.

Small business accounting and bookkeeping

The Seay Firm offers professional bookkeeping services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Let us help you optimize the performance of your business by providing the tools to assess your financial position and develop a plan to drive financial success. In addition to traditional bookkeeping services, we can help you develop financial reports that bring real meaning to the numbers, helping you understand where there are opportunities to improve business performance.

Income tax planning and preparation

Tax planning is an essential element of running your business, but it can be a burden and headache that takes you away from other important tasks that have to get done. Let our tax experts work with you to incorporate tax planning into your overall business strategy. We stay on top of the latest developments in all aspects of income taxes to ensure you are taking advantage of the ever-changing tax laws and regulations.

We provide tax planning and preparation services for all types of entities, including the following:

  • Individuals
  • Corporations (C Corp and S Corp)
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Non-profit organizations

Payroll services

We can help you with all of your payroll needs, from preparation of quarterly and annual filings to running your entire payroll for you.

Part-time/remote CFO services

Has your business grown to the point where you need high-level financial expertise, but you are still small enough that hiring a full-time CFO will put pressure on your bottom line? Let us help! Through our cost effective part-time/remote CFO services, we can set up a customized services package where we will provide a senior financial manager who will work with you to guide your business in the right direction. Here is a sample of the types of services we can provide to your organization, freeing your time to focus on running the business:

  • Assessment of current financial controls in the business and modifications to ensure a strong controls environment
  • Budget preparation, monitoring, and reporting
  • Profitability analysis by service or product line
  • Monthly and quarterly financial reporting
  • Evaluation of proposed business investments to ensure adequate returns will be generated by that investment
  • Comprehensive treasury and cash management services

Financial and strategic planning services

All businesses, regardless of size, should have a well-thought-out, written plan that sets forth the strategies by which the business will achieve success. Success that is sustainable. And a plan that is clear, concise, and can be shared with all employees so everyone is “on the same page.” Brent Seay, our founder, has considerable experience in financial planning during his time at Walmart. His experience includes the following:

  • Joined the corporate finance department at a time where tremendous change was taking place in the company, and worked closely with outside consultants to develop a strategic planning roadmap for the organization. Brent was a member of the first Strategic Planning Steering Committee at the company.
  • Worked with international market teams to develop and get approval for strategic growth plans for the businesses, including plans for the number of new stores to be opened as well as identification of geographic and store format growth priorities for each market.
  • During his time as head of real estate for Walmart China, developed a new approach in regards of how to grow the business in China, focusing on geographic areas where existing stores were more successful, which led to the opening of better performing stores.